Softened Construction, 1927


With colors, shapes, images and memories swirling around in my mind, I started out looking for a visual representation of the mood, the flavor of the world, I wanted to project through my designs inspired by the vintage ring collection at

I found Wassily Kandinsky.

Abstract art, is said to be used by the artist to describe the world underlying the visible world with the availability of extraordinary freedom beyond the boundaries and constraints of the concrete physical as we experience it with our two eyes.

But abstract art, especially when used by the likes of a mind like Kandinsky goes far beyond this purpose.

The artist is said to have believed that reproducing nature only interfered with the process of conveying profound and limitless universal expression derived from our inner experience.

Soft Hard, 1927
Blue, 1922

So, only loosely relating to the world of realism, Kandinsky explored the connection between color and form speaking through universal symbolism including geometric shapes, as well as free-form images with just a slight nod in their depiction to living things.

Through precise and elaborate use of these elements, Kandinsky's aesthetically poignant compositions are widely known to engage the sight, sound and emotions of the viewer, creating within us an experience of transcendence.

Black And Violet, 1923
Several Circles, 1926

Beyond the legacy of his artwork which continues to spark, fascinate and puzzle our imagination, lies something more.

Using an abstract visual mode of conveying universally understood principles with the power to access the depth of human emotion and surpass cultural and physical boundaries, Kandinsky opened a window in our collective mind revealing a world of possibility and creation beyond the boundaries of what we see as ‘real’ and ‘possible’, and in so doing provided us an instrument to elevate our very existence.

This is the contribution and genius of Kandinsky.

Kandinsky working in his studio

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