Our stay at The Autry

... an excursion into a world beyond the ordinary

So we’ve finally said adieu to The Autry in Palm Springs moving to a more cosmopolitan area where the arts-culture scene is central and plentiful, and the community actively revolves around it.

This is where we are… finding the ground to move forward with our Ballet & Identity project.

The Autry experience has been a rare and enchanting respite from the grind of our everyday world. 

Purchased by Golden Age Hollywood legend Gene Autry who passed on shortly after buying the estate, the impressive residence was maintained by his wife Jackie Autry for many years until its recent sale.

The new owner was a most welcoming and generous host who made our experience there truly special.

The property is said to have a unique architectural style whose construction came from the imaginative mind of its original owner, American meteorologist and inventor Irving Krick, who predicted weather forecasts in Normandy, France for the U.S. Air Force  during WWII. The distinctive design showcases the inside courtyard of the main house with a view of the centerpiece that can be seen from virtually all rooms in the main dwelling.

The current owner also revealed that a piano which stands inside the main compound belonged to Frank Sinatra’s academy award-winning composer Jimmy Van Heusen; the instrument was gifted by Sinatra to Gene Autry.

Here are a few snapshots affording a glimpse into the magical haven where we stayed… a place which for a time we called home.

This gallery is dedicated to extraordinary connections that take us all to greater heights.

Fun fact: The Autry’s purchased the property from notable TV producer and multi-talented entertainment industry bigwig Glen A. Larson at the end of the 20th century.

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