Blue Fur Hat

Inspired by Russia's Signature Fur Hat​

“Blue Fur Hat” is an homage to the Russian signature fur hat worn in the famously cold winters of this region. 

The images here are taken from the reenactment of the early years in the partnership between the great choreographer Yury Grigorovich and his highly regarded, talented muse, Natalia Bessmertnova, Yury’s spouse and valued life partner who it is said, understood him (through the language of his craft) like no other.

Though this gallery is not an actual depiction of these two great figures in the world of ballet, it’s a flavor of their world. Albeit be it in Russian, you can see the reenactment as well as visuals of the real Yury and Natalia in the 2017 docu-film on Grigorovich entitled The Great Despot (original title: Юрий Григорович. Великий деспот).

Gallery images from “The Great Despot” (2017), Nikolay Tsiskaridze’s Melmoth Blog and