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The BonBon Spoon

"Je veux un bonbon!" children say in France, a phrase familiar to any parent as: "Can I have some candy!”

Stemming from 17th century French royal courts, the small, chocolate-covered candy called a “bonbon” comes from the French word “bon” meaning “good”.

Enjoying such delights in haute society undoubtedly went along with social etiquette and certain manners. In the case of bonbon’s, this meant using a bonbon spoon with a flat, perforated bowl to neatly scoop up your candy (or nuts) instead of digging right in with your sticky fingers to pick at the favors in the dish.

In fact, the delectable confection not only inspired the creation of its own special spoon, but also but also a waltz called Wiener Bonbons by the famous composer Johann Strauss.

Bon Bon Spoon

So, for your next get together, elevate your ambiance by pairing your party treats with some culture and chic history!

Happy Holidays!

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