... defined.

Fine living is a way of living.

It is an appreciation of purity, quality and an elevated experience in every aspect of our lives.

Legendary ballet dancer Anna Pavlova with her pet swan ‘Jack’ (1927).

Elite is a state of being. It is a way of seeing the world.

Elite is fine taste not only in clothes and food – but also in people and values.

Elite is the ability to discern qualities from junk in what we eat, wear, say, do, give our attention to, associate with and so on.

All of us are naturally drawn to the elite:

To see and hear the elite, as in the performing arts.
To look elite, in our appearance and the image we convey to others.
To eat elite, as in fine restaurants which treat food as culinary art.
To meet the elite, as in people who have accomplished something considerable.
To visit the elite, as in exceptional places with a magnetizing environment.
To feel elite, as in sensing a combination of these qualities within.

Many of us do not grow up learning to appreciate and experience this part of our nature, but it is never too late to learn to acquire something that is already inherently within.

Join me in discovering your taste for everything fine!

Elena Alexandra

Author of The Elite Palate